Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cardinals 28 - 49ers 31 OT

The Arizona Cardinals mounted a fourth-quarter comeback to overcome a 28-3 deficit and tie the game with 59 seconds remaining to send the game against the San Francisco 49ers to overtime. Fullback Femi Ayanbadejo scored two rushing touchdowns to narrow the Niners lead to 28-17. An 8-yard run by Emmitt Smith with 2:40 remaining followed by a two-point conversion by quarterback Josh McCown closed to within three. A forced fumble by James Darling, recovered by David Macklin led to a 22-yard field for the tie.

But, the Niners persevered in overtime, driving to the Cards 13-yardline to set up kicker Todd Peterson for a 31-yard game-winning field goal.