Thursday, September 30, 2004

We have to get out of the hole


Green, who took Minnesota to the playoffs in his first season as Vikings coach, is realistic about the public's perception of the Arizona franchise. He knows if he builds a winner, the fans will come.

Our offense(more so than defense) and defense aren't playing like they could be. Coach Green really needs to pull this eam our of a slump. We just aren't connecting passes and our rushes aren't getting anywhere. McCown needs to really improve alot if he wants to lead a winning team. It's really a matter of will power, and with a city not backing them and all the odds against them, they are loosing it and fast. So lets get out there and fill up the stands you guys. Lets climb out of the whole and go on the offensive Cards!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Not again


The New England Patriots struggled to put the pesky Arizona Cardinals away in what should have been an easy victory of mismatched teams. It was the Arizona defense that kept bringing putting heat on Brady forcing turnovers, sacks and blown opportunities. The statistics do not reflect how close this game was through the first three quarters.

TO be perfectly honest, our Cards havn't been all they could be this year. We got some solid players in the draft and we just aren't putting them too use. I know that we have potential, but if that potential isn't developed, it will just stay as potential and not grow any larger. Lets see if we can't get out of this "slum." Lets get some wins on the board Cards!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Please tell me its not here to stay

Loosing is bad. Loosing 14 straight home games is even worse. I was hoping with Emmitt Smith being much better this year and the drafting of Larry Fitzgerald, we would get the job done. Unfortunatley it didn't. The offensive lines and defensive lines havn't practiced much together but I was hoping they could work things out. Let's hope we start fresh against the Former Superbowl champs and show the country what we are really made of. Go Cards!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Make it 2 into the Reg season

After loosing 3 straight at the beginning of the preseason, I hope we can keep up the wins. With our final cuts made, we shouldnt have as many players being tested for their abilities and more actaul playing. We need to do better than last year if we want a chance of a new ring this year. So lets get some more wins Cards!